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We have handled numerous PFA matters involving various types of abuse, harassment, threats, and violence perpetrated by both men and women against both men and women. We have handled cases involving married couples, engaged couples, unmarried parents, boyfriend/girlfriend, same sex couples, parent and child. We have handled cases involving custody issues and property issues where exclusive possession is sought.
We understand the interplay between a PFA and an existing or impending custody or divorce, and will explain how a PFA can impact related matters of custody and divorce. We can also dispel common myths about PFA Orders and explain situations where a PFA is not appropriate, or where further intervention through criminal court is warranted. We have represented both new and existing clients on both sides of cases through the final hearing process. We have also been repeat volunteers, providing pro bono representation to plaintiffs through a local agency. 


At the Final Hearing time there are a number of options for resolving the matter. This includes the entry of a Final Protection from Abuse Order for as long as 36 months. During this time the defendant may not have any contact with the victim in any way or through any third parties. The defendant will also be evicted from the residence where the plaintiff resides. The defendant will also be barred from going to the plaintiff’s place of employment. At the final hearing, the court may also address child custody and may make an interim ruling on child support
The parties also have the option to resolve the matter via a consent order with any number of terms. Some examples include: a PFA for less than three years; a civil no-contact order; a continuance for several months with a rescheduled final hearing; or the PFA may be vacated altogether.


Under the Protection from Abuse Act, A temporary Protection from Abuse Order may be obtained by a current or former intimate partner, against the other if the person seeking the petition is in reasonable fear of bodily harm. In the event that a person is physically assaulted or threatened with bodily harm, they can proceed to file a petition for Protection from Abuse.


A temporary Order for Protection from Abuse or “PFA” can be obtained in Allegheny County by filing a Petition that is available at the court. An emergency protection from abuse "EPFA" may be obtained at night court, from a local magistrate or at some hospitals. An emergency or temporary PFA will preclude the defendant from having any contact with the plaintiff. The defendant will also be evicted from the residence and excluded from the business location of the plaintiff. The victim may also request that the defendant relinquish any firearms. Following the entry of a temporary PFA, a hearing for a Final PFA will be scheduled.


We take all cases involving domestic violence very seriously, and believe that no one should be a victim of violence or threats of violence. At the same time, unfortunately we also often encounter false claims of violence made in an effort to impact a divorce proceeding or custody matter. Regardless of the circumstances, we will fight hard for you; either to protect you or to avoid having false accusations appear on your record. 


We offer experienced and professional counsel for women and men who have been falsely accused under the protection from abuse act in Allegheny County and surrounding areas. We also can mitigate damage in instances where a person may have made a poor choice via text, cell phone, social media or in person which could be viewed by the court as harassment, stalking, or threats of abuse. Do not wait until it's too late. Call our offices as soon as you have been served with a temporary protection from abuse order so we can discuss the options available to you. 


We can help if you have filed a PFA in and need an attorney to represent you at a hearing. We can also assist if you need representation at a hearing to defend against a PFA filed against you which is unwarranted. For more information about Protection from Abuse in Pennsylvania, call Scott L. Levine at 412.303.9566.

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