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We offer informed legal counsel about family law in Allegheny County and will create a plan of action that is best suited to your individual goals. 

You may call us (412.303.9566) for more information or schedule a phone consultation with a Pittsburgh Family Law Attorney.

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Attorney Office Meetings

We are available if you want to sit down and speak face to face with an attorney who is knowledgeable about family law.

We will explain your options

We will discuss traditional litigation, collaborative law and mediation and how each is different and which option may be best suited to your specific circumstances. 

We will listen to you

We will first listen to your story and then provide our legal perspective, based on our knowledge of the law.

We will answer your questions

If you have been served with legal papers or need information about how to proceed with a family law issue we will explain the law to you and advise of your rights.

We will make a plan

We will sit down with you and prepare a plan for your case.

Call 412.303.9566 or click for a phone consultation.

Initial Office Visits (I.O.V.)

Our typical initial office visits are scheduled for between one hour and one hour and thirty minutes. We try to keep the first meeting brief so that you do not get overwhelmed with the various course of action and procedures. During this meeting we will answer all your questions and provide our legal analysis of the issues involved in your matter. We encourage you to bring a list of questions with you, so you do not forget to ask us anything.

Depending on the complexity of your case, you may only require one meeting before we are able to map out a plan for action and begin working on your case.

Follow-up Meetings

If your matter includes multiple areas (divorce, support, custody, equitable distribution), novel legal issues, complex issues, high net worth, or unique circumstances, you may need to schedule a subsequent meeting once you have absorbed what was discussed at the I.O.V. Also, follow-up meetings are used to prepare for court appearances, preparation of discovery, or anytime you want to meet directly with an attorney face-to-face.

Follow-up meetings, or meetings with existing clients may be held at a mutually convenient location so that you do not have to come into the city if you prefer not to.

Phone "Meetings"

We assist clients from all over the country (and world) who have matters in our local court system, so it is not always possible to meet in person. For these individuals we offer the same services over the phone, once payment is made via credit card.

We also offer phone meetings for those people who have busy schedules or who require immediate assistance, although next-day appointments are often possible.

With various options to choose from, we are able to serve clients from various geographic locations and diverse economic back grounds. Just choose the option that is right for you.

You can call today (412.303.9566) for answers to your questions or to schedule an appointment, or fill out a form on-line. 

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