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We handle family law matters on a daily basis and while this may be your first contact with the legal system and you may be apprehensive about what to expect, this is our job and we are quite comfortable handling these types of matters, engaging opposing counsel and handling matters in court. 

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Know when to settle, know when to fight.

Pittsburgh Family Lawyers
Pittsburgh Family Lawyers

Straight Talk

As your attorney, our job is to explain the relevant law, and procedures for your particular matter in addition to discussing the various options available to you. We will listen to your goals and work with you to devise an individual strategy for achieving those goals within the parameters of the law and confines of the legal system. You will not like everything we have to say, and you may not agree with the law; however we can only work within the system as it presently exists. We provide our opinions about a particular course of action and can advise you as to the likelihood of success for a particular issue, but ultimately you will need to make the final decision after having received our counsel.

Knowledge Erases Fear

We know that you may be feeling a tremendous amount of emotion and that you may be scared and confused and we will do our best to alleviate your fear and confusion by answering your questions honestly and in a straightforward manner. We expect you to ask us questions, otherwise we may assume that you understand everything we have related to you.

Plain English Explanations

There are a lot of strange terms used in the law which we do not expect you to be familiar with, so we always try to explain things in plain English and make sure that you are comfortable with our explanation. Please do not ever hesitate to ask us a question, or to seek clarification about something with which you do not understand

It is our goal to have you fully advised of what is taking place in your case and what to expect in any court proceeding, so that you never feel unprepared heading into any conference, hearing, conciliation, etc.

Tempering Emotions

We know that emotions naturally find their way into family law matters, but we try to separate the emotion from the case so that we can proceed in the most cost-effective and productive course of action. While we understand and empathize with the various emotions you may be feeling depending on your individual circumstances (fear, anger, confusion, sadness, frustration, guilt etc.) and we may help to alleviate some of the stress that you may encounter during your family law matter and we often advise that you seek additional emotional assistance from family, friends, clergy or trained professionals. Not only will this keep your legal costs down, but it will allow you to focus on the legal aspects of you matter when you are in contact with us.

How Much Will it Cost?

We do our best to advise you as to the potential costs for your matter, but there are a number of factors which may increase your costs including the level of cooperation exhibited by the opposing party and/or their counsel. We try to only initiate litigation which we feel is necessary and will steer clear from addressing matters which we do not believe will further your interests. Our rates are competitive and we are honest with our billing. For your convenience we offer both hourly and flat fee pricing depending on the matter to make your representation most cost effective.

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