Posts made in November 2013

2013 PA Child Support Guidelines – Update

It has now been three months since the revised Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines took effect on August 9, 2013. These changes included raising the self support reserve (SSR) and amending the guidelines to reflect current economic data.
This has been the first change to the “guidelines” since last update in May 2010.
Since the change, at most income levels we have seen new Orders increased slightly over what they would have been prior to the changes. The guidelines are available for review here at rule 1910.16-3.

Allegheny County New Custody Forms

Beginning in October 2013, the Family Division of the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas began utilizing a series of updated and new forms. Changes were made to Complaints for Custody and Modification Petitions which now contain specific language which address reclocation and grandparent custody.

With the new forms, grandparents with standing may file for custody without first presenting a motion, thus streamling the process.

Also under the changes a Respondent to any custody action is required to file a form within 30 days regarding criminal history. This form is also required of all Petitioners filing new custody actions or seeking modification of an existing order.

The new form is called Criminal Record/Abuse History Verification and replaces the previoulsy used Affidavit of Household. It requires more detailed information regarding criminal histories including sentences for crimes not required by the older form.

To more fully review the changes feel free to call our Pittsburgh custody attorneys for more information. We can be reached at 412.303.9566.