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Allegheny County Family Law Filing Fee Increase – August 2014

The Allegheny County – Department of Court Records has just announced New Filing Fee Increases for Civil Division and Family Division filings.

The changes which will take effect on August 8, 2014 are in response to Acts 113 and 126 of 2014 passed by the PA Legislature and signed by the Governor.

The notable fee increases for Family filings include the following:
Divorce Complaint: $186 (up from $174);
Each additional “count” within a divorce complaint: $40.50 (up from $28.50);
Count for Custody included in a Divorce Complaint: $161.00.
Custody Complaint (if no other fees have been paid): $337.00 (up from $325.00);
Custody Complaint filed after a Divorce filing: $232.50 (up from $220.50).