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Protection from Abuse changes to PA Law

Pennsylvania law for Protection from Abuse Actions has been updated as of April 10, 2019.

The changes to the law are found at Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure 1905. Pa.R.C.P. 1905 was amended with regard to the: Notice of Hearing and Order, Petition for Protection from Abuse, Temporary Protection from Abuse Order and Final Protection from Abuse Order.

Among the changes were revisions to language regarding:

  • expanded criminal penalties;
  • prohibitions on the conduct of defendant;
  • violations;
  • surrender of weapons;
  • Child Protective Services Law;
  • directive to law enforcement; and
  • custody issues.

If you or a family member needs assistance with a domestic violence matter or representation at court for a Final PFA hearing our Pittsburgh, PFA lawyers are ready to assist victims of abuse and those who have been wrongly accused. We can explain the changes to the law and how they may impact your rights and obligations.

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