Why Choose Us



We are able to offer low-conflict clients resolution through negotiation and settlement, while maintaining litigation as an option. Higher conflict cases where one or both parties cannot agree on a resolution will often proceed directly to litigation channels.


We also offer mediation and collaborative law as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) options where the clients will make the final decisions in their matters rather than a judge or hearing officer.


Mediation is a process where the parties (with or without lawyers) work with a neutral third-party who facilitates a mutually acceptable resolution to their issues, on their terms that results in a settlement without any litigation. The process is confidential and is chosen by people who prefer to control the outcome, rather than having a decision imposed on them by a court. Mediation is also significantly less expensive than litigation.


Collaborative law is a process where both parties sign a contract to commit to a process aimed at settlement through good faith, honesty, and full disclosure. In this process, you will each be represented by independent counsel, who specifically may not represent you in future litigation, in the event the process is not successful. This process involves multiple meetings and often utilizes mental health and financial professionals. Collaborative law is also less expensive than Litigation.


We instill confidence in our clients by fully explaining the legal issues involved. We are knowledgeable about the issues we handle and the courts in which we practice. We rely on our experience to provide informed counsel and guidance with regard to instituting a particular plan of action or responding effectively. We make every effort to use our experience and knowledge of the court system to provide you with information to allow you to make informed decisions about your case.

Honest, Straightforward Advice

We offer our honest opinions and will be straightforward about your matters and the potential results. We will explain the law to you and will offer guidance on how best to proceed, keeping in mind the complexity of the issues involved.

We Keep You Informed

You should never be confused about what is going on with your case. You will receive copies of any documents we send or receive on your behalf. You will be promptly notified of any developments in your matter as they unfold. We send frequent correspondence summarizing your matter and any recent updates.


A basic tenet of many belief systems, we make a renewed daily commitment to having compassion for our clients and the opposing parties. We do this by trying to understand your pain and to alleviate the suffering that may accompany your matter. It is our aim to make your dealings with us and the court system as painless as possible under the circumstances.

We Are Flexible and Accommodating

We will meet with you in person, by phone or through video conference when you are available. We often meet with clients in the evening and on weekends as their schedules permit. You are also encouraged to contact us whenever you have a question about your matter.


Our physical location was chosen for its accessibility to clients throughout Allegheny County and its proximity to family court and the buildings where documents related to our cases are filed. We have also been set up for remote work for over a decade and have seamlessly integrated video conferencing, on-line payment options and electronic forms to continue serving existing and new clients. Finally, we have the ability to meet with clients at satellite locations outside of the city. While we are all adjusting to changes and challenges of the times, the informed legal guidance and continued care for clients remains unchanged.


We are mindful of the emotions involved and provide professional advice with a calm, clear perspective. We also strive to always maintain civility towards opposing counsel and the opposing party throughout your representation.


Our honesty and integrity have earned us a reputation as a trusted family law resource. Our consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust.

Respect, Personal Attention, and Responsiveness

You will be treated with respect and professionalism at all times. In today's fast-paced world, we understand that our clients are busy juggling the demands of family life and work. By maintaining a calculated caseload, we are able to provide your matter with the attention it deserves. We always respond to client calls and emails in a timely manner. You are more than just a number to us, and we value each and every client regardless of their circumstances. We are also accommodating to working families by offering appointments which fit your schedule.

Cost-Conscious Representation

We endeavor to provide you with quality representation at reasonable prices. We offer competitive rates for legal services, which may vary depending on the type of matter and the complexity of the issues involved. We also offer flat-fee options for court hearings dealing with custody, support or protection from abuse.

We Utilize the Latest Technology

Through the integration of wireless technology, sophisticated software and digital components connecting various working systems we are able to respond to the needs of our clients faster than ever before. We receive emails and faxes on our mobile devices, tablets, and laptops which increases responsiveness and efficiency. We use wireless scanners to make instant electronic copies of your file materials. We offer simple online payment, use electronic forms and employ the most up to date support software. All correspondence and documents that we receive are saved digitally upon receipt and forwarded to you electronically. Over the years, we have found our clients prefer the convenience our technology provides them, so that they remain fully informed of everything happening on their case as it occurs in real time. This eliminates you having to wait for mail, and it makes reviewing and revising pleadings, motions, and various agreements much faster.

Free Phone Consultation with an Attorney

If you have questions about family law in Allegheny County we would be happy to speak to you. All calls are answered by an attorney and consultations are handled by an attorney who is knowledgeable about family law. For more information call us today at: 412.303.9566.

Proactive Representation

We provide our clients proactive representation through forethought and advance planning. We prefer to be on top of a case and to manage the matter in accordance with your wishes. From our first call, we can begin the process of creating a plan of action for how your case will be handled. Through careful planning, we are able to anticipate issues likely to arise so that we can prepare you for what to expect in your matter.

Chat for free before there’s a fee™

Many years ago, when I started my own firm, I sought not the perceived prestige, but doing right by the people sitting across from me at my conference table.

As time has passed my passion for service and helping others has only grown. I liken it to all the enthusiasm of a new lawyer tempered with the battle tested, hardened experience that’s only gained from the tests of time.

What you get from me:

  • Approaching 20 years of experience.
  • The understanding that there is no substitute for experience
  • Perspective, wisdom, knowledge.
  • A free consultation to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

More options for clients.

  • I offer boutique concierge type services.
  • Small and narrowly tailored Pittsburgh Family Law counsel, focused on client satisfaction.
  • An established brand with cutting-edge systems.
  • Mobile. Agile.
  • Direct lawyer contact without needless overhead for outdated staffing models, translating to lower hourly rates.

I don’t take a lot of clients, but the ones I do accept get impeccable, unmatched attention, commitment and service. The results and reviews speak for themselves. Let’s work together for your best future.

Contact us if you have questions about our family law services. We proudly serve clients in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Allegheny County in Western Pennsylvania. Free phone consultation at: (412) 303-9566.