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"Great Attorney"

Posted by Joseph, a child custody client
"Scott is a great attorney. He is very knowledgeable and did an exceptional job keeping me informed as to what was happening in regards to my case. Scott was always available via email, phone, or text and is truly working 24 hours a day. Scott has a great expertise when it comes to the law but I feel his greatest asset is that he is a good person. He is very compassionate and generous and above all, he is a straight-shooter. Scott will not always tell you what you want to hear, but rather, what you need to hear. I found this quality in Scott the most admirable. If you are looking for an attorney, look no further. Scott Levine is your man."

"Excellent Divorce Lawyer"

Posted by James, a divorce client
"I am very happy I have Scott Levine as my lawyer in a divorce matter. He is extremely professional, yet easy to talk to. He is very responsive to both calls and texts, even after normal business hours. 

His billing time and rates are very fair -- he charges only for the hours he has invested in the case, not a bit more. 

He keeps the process moving along, is prompt in filing the necessary paperwork, is extremely knowledgeable about court process, precedents, and procedures, and prepares legal paperwork for the courts in a clear and concise fashion. By comparison, the lawyers of other party involved seem totally disorganized and confused about divorce law and proper court document preparation. 

He is also a voice of reason. He won't paint a rosy picture of the potential outcome, promise you that you'll get out of the divorce process unscathed (most people will not), and then contradict himself when something unexpected is presented. 

As an offshoot of that, he also strives to achieve what is fair and attainable between both parties in the legal matter. While it may be great to think about "sticking it" to the other party involved, Mr. Levine is focused on both parties leaving the table with their fair share (no more than that for the other party, of course). 

No lawyer can magically force matters through court or suddenly make the opposite side of the case see reason, but I believe that Mr. Levine does the best anyone could do in a tough situation. 

It's great to know of a lawyer who is apparently atypical in the legal profession -- he truly cares about taking care of his clients. I have second-hand exposure to a friend's legal representation. and they're totally uncaring and unprofessional about providing the proper legal support at the appropriate time. I wish more lawyers were like Mr. Levine, or that he was able to take over my friend's legal matters as well. 

I would not wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Levine if I wasn't thoroughly impressed with his work. I would never recommend three other legal firms I'm peripherally aware of based on their lack of quality. In contrast, I have recommended Mr. Levine both to a friend and to a coworker who are also in need of a lawyer. I will continue to recommend him whenever the opportunity arises."

"Highly Recommend"

Posted by Brandi, a family client
During the hardest time of my life, Scott was there to provide me with the information I needed to make the best decisions for myself and my child. If I had a question, I knew I could call or email Scott, and he would respond within a few hours. Scott is fair, understanding, and he knows what he is talking about. I will use Scott again in the future.

"Best Attorney"

Posted by Ramesh, a divorce client
"During the difficult time in my life and legal process Scott held my hand and walked me through the process of a cumbersome nightmare - made it easy and sufficient enough for me to say Scott never sleeps he is straight in his comment."

"Knowlegeable, Represented MY interests and wishes with Exactness, Reasonable and Reliable"

Posted by Thomas P., a divorce client
"I am EXTREMELY happy about how Scott Levine represented me during my divorce in 2010-11. In our opening interview I explained that I wanted to be fair to my spouse with regard to wealth distribution and alimony, however I did NOT want to be taken advantage of. Scott fulfilled this goal with exceptional professionalism. He consistently provided critical information about my rights, requirements, and things I need NOT be doing. Yet, he allowed me to CHOOSE my path based on MY values and desires. He provided EXACTLY what I needed in a legal advise and representation. When necessary he aggressively defended my position and views in a fair, clear and concise manner. He provided excellent advice and guidance throughout my divorce. If you truly want to settle a divorce with your situation properly represented in support hearings, negotiations, and in front of a judge, you will not go wrong by retaining Scott Levine's services. I was completely satisfied with him as my Lawyer in my divorce."


Posted by J.G., a divorce client
"Although it was a complicated case, sine we had to deal with language barrier, different countries, and most communication were done by email, Mr. Levine kept me on the right track, and finally been able to resolve the case in a civilize way."

"Divorce and custody issues"

Posted by George, a child custody client
"I am not going to lie I HATE SPENDING MONEY. But you get what you pay for and Scott Levine does get results. He leaves no stone unturned when fighting for custody. I called scott on a Sunday afternoon (he was the only one that answered) He has been handeling my divorce and most important my custody issues. I am glad I found Scott on that Sunday afternoon."

"Scott Levine Review"

Posted by Michael, a divorce client
"I was going through a tough Divorce and Scott helped me out a lot .. He worked through the process with me .. Explained everything for me .. ( Believe me I asked a ton of Questions ) .. He was great @ getting back to me and keeping things on Track .. Very well handled .. No complaints. Scott is a good Lawyer & an all around great guy and I was thankful to have him working with me .. I would highly recommend Scott and his Firm to any one .."

"The Best Lawyer"

Posted by David M., a family client
"I am honored to recommend Scott Levine. He represented me in child custody matters. In the beginning we sat down and talked about the details and discussed a path of approach for achieving the desired outcome. Through the entire process he kept me informed of what was happening and aware of what to expect. As my case progressed a change of state jurisdiction occurred and Mr. Levine provided outstanding counsel in handling such matters. I feel he handled my case in a very personal way, above and beyond the scope of our contract."

"Review for Scott L Levine"

Posted by Katherine, a divorce client
"I have recommended Scott to a number of people in the past couple of years. Scott handled my divorce, child custody, child support, alimony (filed by my ex-husband against me) and PFA (against my ex-husband). I imagine there are not many other lawyers who would have stuck through the unpredictability and difficulty involved in dealing with my ex-husband - but Scott did; he handled everything successfully. He was communicative, responsive, reassuring and knowledgeable. I hope I never have to go through a divorce again--but if I did, I would hire Scott."

"Would Definitely Recommend"

Posted by David E., a divorce client
"Used Scott for my divorce and was not one bit dissatisfied. In the legal field, there are so many lawyers that try to squeeze blood from a turnip, Scott is not one of them. Very fair."

"Very helpful during a tough time"

Posted by J., a family law client
"Scott was refered to me by a friend. I felt as though he cared and treated me like a friend. He often contacted me on the weekend due to circumstances and really felt in my corner. I really appreciate his efforts and recommended him to a friend in a similar position.”

"Custody, Support and Divorce Proceedings with a Jerk"

Posted by Fred, a child custody client
“Scott has been extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and professional in guiding me through three different PFA hearings, support and child custody proceedings, and divorce discussions (ongoing). He has been available at all hours, (evenings and weekends included), provided advice and assistance beyond expectations, handled difficult relations (even personal attacks) by my wife, and dealt with her on and off lawyer throughout.”

"Fair, trustworthy and honest attorney"

Posted by M., a divorce client
"I felt Scott was very fair and honest in his business practices. I found that Scott would warn me up front as to the potential costs of any litigation before proceeding, however, was always willing to do whatever I felt necessary. He always tried to keep me in the loop regarding potential costs, as well as outcomes, and I also felt his fees were very reasonable.. Likewise, he would send me updates throughout my case, whether it was 3:00 on Wednesday afternoon, or 11:30 PM on Sunday night. I would not hesitate using Scott in the future for my legal needs."

"Child Support"

Posted by Christina, a child support client
"Scott is an amazing lawyer. He always got back to me in timely manner. He always ask what I want regarding with I want to see happen in support. Very organized and knows the laws and how the Child support work like the back of his hand. He's prices are good and the money is worth it. I will be going back to him for all my stuff with support and custody."

"Excellent lawyer with great knowledge and a down to earth person"

Posted by Adam, a divorce client
"Mr. Scott Levine is an excellent lawyer with great knowledge and down to earth person. He is very helpful till today. What I mean by that is, my divorce was final in 2011, If I call him for any question, he helps me right way. I always recommend him to my friend and colleague. He is a great asset to Pittsburgh."

"Review for Scott L Levine"

Posted by Nancy, a child custody client
"Divorce is not easy. Mr. Levine was a tremendous help during one of the most difficult times in my life. He was a knowledgeable and compassionate advocate for me and my children. Mr. Levine kept me informed, listened to my concerns and did everything in his power to provide the best possible representation. I am extremely grateful to him for all of his efforts and appreciative of the positive outcome which are the result of his expertise in family law."

"An Intelligent, Dedicated Professional"

Posted by Greg
"Scott did an excellent job representing my interests and providing helpful advice throughout the divorce process. As someone with no prior exposure to the legal process, much less divorce, I would have been completely lost if not for his guidance. He was always professional and honest with me, and in the end we reached a settlement that was fair and equitable for both parties with the minimum amount of hassle. The best compliment I can give him is that, from start to finish, he truly had my best interests at heart. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in my situation."

"Mr. Levine is knowledgeable and thoughtful. He’ll fight for your rights"

Posted by Ann
"I am from a different culture, but I have been living in the United States for over 25+ years. From where I grew up, family comes first.

When my husband asked me for a divorce, I first tried marriage counseling, then a mediator, then a collaborator, and met with over 5 different lawyers. One lawyer did not help at all and was more concerned about collecting his one-hour consulting fee. After this meeting, I felt even worse about the divorce process. Luckily my friend was with me so I had someone to lean on. When I went to meet Mr. Levine, I went by myself. I do not normally trust people, but after one hour, under all of circumstance, I was shocked, hurt and sad at that time. He shows great concern, just like my counselor. He cares not just about the law, but also about the numbers. I had a good feeling about Mr. Levine because he knows the case and he knows the law.
Mr. Levine is knowledgeable and thoughtful. He understood my needs and addressed them and treated me with respect. He’ll fight for your rights."

"Smart, Practical & Reliable!"

Posted by Ray
"Let me begin first by saying it is never easy going through a divorce. I did a ton of research before hiring Scott L Levine to help me. What I like the most about Scott is that he did not try to over sell me or make unrealistic promises like some other lawyers that I talked to. He is always keeping me up to date when need be about the progress of my divorce. As we prepare to close in on closing out my divorce I feel that Scott has done a great job and would highly recommend him to anyone.


"Honest and trustworthy

Posted by a client
"From the beginning, Scott told me what to expect and how to prepare for it. He has honest, knowledgeable but most of all compassionate."


Posted by Tyree
"Mr. Levine was nothing less then phenomenal! He was aggressive, knowledgeable and very informative about everything that was going on! I'll always call him when I need a lawyer highly recommended for anybody who's looking."

"Feeling Relieved"

Posted by Leon
"I heard about Scott from a friend of mines, then I did my research on him checking his reviews. Every review I read gave me more confidents in considering to hire him. I reached out to Scott and left a message on his answering service leaving a detailed message. When he returned my call I was more then impressed with how he handles his business, what I mean by that is when he called he had already pulled my case. Which made it very easy to explain my situation. He talked to me on the phone for about a hour and a half and was very helpful. At this point I knew he was the lawyer I wanted to represent me. We set a meeting for the next day and met, I was more impressed then I can explain. Needless to say I hired him and we are still in the process of my divorce. So far everything is going smoothly and he is keeping me informed. If your looking for someone to listen to your concerns and want a honest answer with no string along bs, HIRE SCOTT! I feel so much relief knowing he's on the job."

"Ethical, caring, understanding and highly knowledgeable professional family law"

Posted by Daniel
"Mr. Levine has now been my family law attorney for going on 8 years now. My specific situation is very tough and unfortunately most likely neverending with two parents who cannot agree on even the simplest of matters. Family law matters are a tough situation and the court system is based upon many different factors other than what may seem to be common sense. It requires a highly skilled, knowledgeable, ethical and caring attorney. Yes, I said ethical and caring attorney. Mr. Levine has been there for me every step of the way and has gone above and beyond the call of duty too many times to count. I cannot imagine what I would have done without Mr. Levine's expertise, attentiveness, guidance and level of professionalism throughout the years. Over the past 8 years I have seen my ex go through 5 or 6 attorneys as of late. She's still trying to find representation as good as I have. Unfortunately for her, I was fortunate enough to have been referred to and retained Mr. Levine as my representation. That was one decision I will never regret for the rest of my life."

"Divorce attorney"

Posted by Betty
"Scott is honest, compassionate, kind and a great lawyer. Speaking with Scott for the first time was on the phone. He was kind enough to spend almost an hour with me. Scott has a way of making you feel comfortable and relaxed while going through these trying times. My divorce was handled in a timely manner with confidence and great knowledge. I feel it's a plus when the lawyer your working with has been through the same situation. I would defiantly recommend this young man. One more comment: After my divorce was final a small matter came up, Scott handled this matter without charge to me. Hopefully I'll never need him again for a divorce. My son is going through the same situation and He will be calling Scott."

"Exceptional attorney"

Posted by Hilary
"Mr. Levine is not only exceptionally educated and experienced in his field but he is an attorney with a conscience and is incredibly considerate and helpful in all matters. He has now helped me in multiple matters from divorce, to child support, and now custody. He has always been prompt in his responses and help and has been very thorough, I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for the best!"

"P.F.A. charges"

Posted by Mark
"I was completely surprised when I was served P.F.A. papers by my ex-wife and my children were taken from my custody.I really didn't know where to turn when someone recommended Scott Levine, I was sure glad they did. Scott sat down with me and familiarized himself with my case. He instilled confidence in me when I had none, and took over complete control of the case. I received my children back in less than a month and would highly recommend Scott to anyone whose back was against the wall like mine, not knowing where to turn."

"Great lawyer"

Posted by B.
"Scott is a truly great lawyer. He is calm and attentive to all your needs and concerns, and more than willing to explain what is going on if you do not understand. He does not play games. If you want a serious lawyer to handle your case with dignity, and no legal shenanigans, look no further."

"Skilled and Compassionate Attorney"

Posted by Joe
"Scott has done a great job representing me in my divorce. He is knowledgeable, and has made sure my best interest was always served. In addition he was willing to go the extra step. When there was something important to discuss, he got in touch with me on a Sunday to make sure that any questions or issues were resolved. It was impressive to me. I feel that he is a skilled attorney that cares about his clients."

"Very Helpful and Knowledgable"

Posted by Brice
"Scott has been by my side throughout this long, drawn out process (brought on by the other side) and has performed beyond my expectations. I would recommend him very highly!"

"Top notch representation"

Posted by P.
"Scott did an excellent job of setting my expectations and mitigating my exposure during the divorce. Given my compensation and my ex-wife who was a stay-at-home mother of 10 years with health issues, I had the cards stacked against me. From the very first meeting with Scott, he let me know that the settlement was probably going to be in her favor, however, he would work with the facts, interrogations, and discovery to get me the best settlement possible. He was extremely honest throughout the 1.5 year divorce process and worked tirelessly on the case. I lost count of how many times he crunched numbers to determine what the best approach would be for a settlement and receiving emails from at 3am was not uncommon. In the end, we were able to reach a fair settlement which was very close to the the original settlement Scott proposed to his counterpart almost 1.5 years prior at the beginning of the divorce. I would highly recommend Scott for anyone entering into a divorce. I hope to never have to go through another divorce but, if I do, Scott will be my first call."

"He is great and trustworthy !"

Posted by Abhi
This is my first ever experience with any kind of law enforcement or judiciary. I trust Mr. Levine to get the best results. I contacted him long before I actually hired him and he has been consistently helping me through the most difficult and challenging period of my life. He is very understanding..

1. He cares about your concerns and guides you properly.
2. He guides you to do things you can do yourself, and trust me, that saves you thousands of dollars.
3. He doesn't give you any false hope. I prefer an honest and straightforward advise, e.g.
me:- "I want this, make it happen. "
Mr. Levine:- "It can't happen, judge won't do it, waste of your time and money. We should try for this."
Me thinking:- "This guy is great !"
4. He keeps you updated on everything and calls you even on weekends to make sure things are going as per plan.

1. None that I know of 🙂

"A true experienced professional"

Posted by R.
I highly recommend Scott to anyone that is in need of a good divorce lawyer. Having Scott represent me was the best decision I could have made. Given my situation, he was patient and kept my best interest in mind. He proved to be an excellent strategic thinker and his professionalism was impressive. As a communicator he was very good at explaining things and he kept me updated every step of the way. He was able to settle my case very quickly and never once did I doubt his ability to produce positive results.

"Scott -great lawyer"

Posted by Louis
"Scott is very detail oriented making sure that we had all the bases covered and provided great advice. He is a congenial guy always acting with my best interests in mind.

"Easy to understand"

Posted by Mark
"Scott provided some good advice during a consult. He was unable to take my case because it was in a different county, but he did offer some guidance."

"Help with a PFA"

Posted by Martin
"Scott has exceeded all my expectations. No matter what you are going through, he is always there. If your looking for a GREAT lawyer, please look no further... HE IS THE ONE YOU NEED!!!"

"Mr. Levine is a caring Professional and a Gentleman of the highest order."

Posted by D.
"From my first contact Scott has been personable, caring, understanding and very knowledgeable. He takes time to both listen and explain how things may go, what needs to be done, when and how to get them done. Taking over my daughters case he has brought greatly appreciated relief from the overwhelming stress and pressure on her and us. Further Scott has consistently been sensitive towards the expense involved for my daughter offering thoughts and action to keep her cost down. If I could I would give him 6 stars."

“Custody Matters”

Posted by Nancy
“I have had an extremely high conflict divorce that has lasted quite a long time. Mr. Levine has been my representation through it all. My ex husband has repeatedly proven himself unable to adequately perform the functions associated with responsible parenting. Mr Levine has fought, and fought, and fought to protect my children and with spectacular results. He has ALWAYS put the kids and their safety and needs first. He is honest, hard working, and straightforward. He always shows outstanding care and concern for his clients. It almost feels as though he makes your cause truly his own. Once he has dedicated himself to representing you he is there 100%. We have had great results and I have already recommended him to other people facing similar issues.”


Posted by Anna
“Scott was a life saver, literally. I knew nothing about the process of child support or custody but that was okay because I had Scott. I immediately felt comfortable speaking with him. He is extremely knowledgeable and pays close attention to detail, because of that he was able to catch something that would have been missed by someone else and ended up getting me more money. He takes time to listen and genuinely cares about his clients and their well being. I feel so blessed to have had him on my side and would absolutely recommend him to anyone.”

“Excellent Experienced Divorce Attorney”

Posted by S.
“From original consultation until final divorce decree - which took several years - Mr. Levine demonstrated his depth and breadth of experience in the Family Court system. I would definitely recommend Mr. Levine.”

“Fantastic Representation”

Posted by M.
“All things considered, I had a very positive experience going through a challenging divorce with Scott at my side. Scott understood my situation and listened to my goals while setting appropriate expectations. Scott’s advisement is direct and candid which saved me from unnecessary fee’s as he kept MY desires in focus. Unlike many family/divorce attorneys who have their own, or company’s agenda, at the forefront. His background in collaborative law helped both sides quickly resolve many of our disagreements. And Scott’s ability to manage the opposing attorney was calculated and significant throughout the process. I highly recommend Scott’s representation.”

“The best lawyer 5 starts”

Posted by Rita
“I am lucky enough to meet such a good lawyer Mr Scott. I felt comfortable speaking with him. He is extremely knowledgeable and pays close attention to detail, He takes time to listen and genuinely cares .Enthusiastic help me, very often at the weekend reply my mail, special dedication I feel so blessed to have had him on my side,Let me have the courage to face all the difficulties now, I am grateful to him. and would absolutely recommend him to anyone.”

“Great Attorney”

Posted by F.
“Scott has been a caring, knowledgeable and professional. He has helped settle my divorce when it was nothing but a hassle for him. He is very experienced and has very reasonable prices.”


Posted by Nnenna
“I'm yet to have a meeting with him. But after our consultation on the phone, I already felt confident with him. He talked me through things and even anticipated for other things I didn’t think about. The bigger picture. He seemed ready to help, fight and take my concerns into account. He tells you the frank truth. Creative lawyer so far. I look forward to hiring him”

Best Lawyer in Pgh!!

Posted by Chris
“I have used Scott's services since 2013. Scott is very knowledgeable, and communicates very effectively. He is up to date on the changes to procudures within the Famliy Court System. He is readily available, wether by email, text or phone calls. He is a confident, strong and compassionate lawyer, who has represented me extreamly well. I highly recommend Scott to anyone needing a lawyer with an outstanding character.”

Scott Exceeded All My Expectations

Posted by Justin
“I obtained Scott for a legal matter that took place in family court and he went above and beyond what I expected. I work past 6pm everyday and he made time after hours to talk with me and make sure he was available to answer any questions. Scott was professional, personable, caring, knowledgeable, and made me feel very confident that he would achieve the most positive outcome from an unfortunate situation. I would highly recommend Scott for any family law matter. He returned every phone call, text, and email promptly providing detailed insight to my questions. I can not thank him enough for the outstanding representation he provided.”

One of the best Divorce Lawyer

Posted by Abhilesh
“Going through a divorce takes a toll, it's an exhausting process. Scott made it feel like a breeze. I am really lucky to have found him for my divorce case. I am currently living in MO and the case is filed in PA, Scott handled everything from dates, precise communication and timing during the case and I never had to make a visit to Pittsburgh. Talking to him was like talking to a friend, he listened intently and advised professionally. I am moving to India, while the case goes on, and I completely trust him with my divorce and I might write another review after it's finalized.”

Outstanding Professional Legal Counsel

Posted by Kevin
“If you are looking for the least expensive attorney to represent you in a divorce, Scott Levine may not be the one. I found him by searching for an attorney who had the best and most detailed reviews. He was at the top of the list. Like most people, I didn't have a good opinion about lawyers in general. I can honestly say that working with Scott was the exception. If he said that he would do something, then did exactly that. He was the quarterback that my daughter and I needed for our team. We worked together. If he needed something from us, we gave it to him immediately. If he was supposed to do something, he did it without dragging his feet or making lame excuses. When the defendants attorney was not providing what he requested, Scott was on him like white on rice. You want an attorney who is relentless and gets things done. You want an attorney who will patiently explain complex legal proceedings. Scott did all of that and so much more. Divorce can drag on for a long period of time. If you don't want that, hire Scott and he will push it through as fast as he can - with you doing your part of course. I haven't met Scott in person. Our communication was on the phone, calling, texting, faxing and emailing. I was always in the loop and there were many times he reached out to me just to make certain I knew what was happening and what was coming up next. I was always impressed with his professional approach, extensive knowledge and his ability to make it happen. Like yourself, I read his 5-star reviews when I was searching for an attorney. All of Scott's reviews were 5-star. I thought, "No way." No attorney pleases all of his clients all of the time. I was wrong. I truly believe that he does exceed his client's expectations every day. We were so happy to have him on our team as the quarterback. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.”

Best lawyer I could've hoped for

Posted by Mike
“Scott's a fighter. A knowledgeable, down-to-earth guy who'll fight his damnedest to advocate for you in the courtroom. Knows the lay of the land of Pittsburgh's byzantine divorce court system masterfully. Knows the judges, the procedures, the other lawyers, the moves anyone can make from every angle. He's able to leverage his experience towards a smooth, quick result, and works hard to achieve success. Scott possesses the right mix of empathy and pragmatism that I think one wants in a lawyer. He's at core a compassionate person, and he knows where to draw the boundaries around what makes sense in terms of what you want versus what the system will permit. Plus, he can play this game from both sides to make informed reads on how best to play your hand in the court system.”

Great experience

Posted by Doug
“Scott was patient, and listened carefully and respectfully. Obvious command of the law. He corresponded quickly and was always available for questions or advice”

Excellent choice, best lawyer around.

Posted by Ryan
“Hired Scott to help with my divorce. Not only did he get me more than I initially anticipated, he did it quickly and made it super easy for me. I highly recommend that you use Scott.”

Very happy

Posted by Don
“Scott did an excellent job helping me through my divorce. He kept my cost down while getting me results better than I expected. I highly recommend retaining Scott for your best outcome.”


Posted by Melissa
“Scott is representing me in all aspects of my separation and divorce. He was able to secure an extended protection from abuse order. He has compassion for his clients. Scott understands that timely communication is extremely important in not only reassuring his clients but also being very effective in getting results. My family and I have been extremely impressed in his professionalism and thorough knowledge of the law. His qualifications and performance speak for themselves and I highly recommend Scott Levine as an attorney.”

Thorough and effective

Posted by Steve
“I hired Scott to defend a PFA and couldn't have been happier with his work. He took time to listen to my case in detail, explain potential outcomes, and he researched similar PFA cases to better understand the situation. He negotiated a favorable consent order with the other party and we ultimately didn't have to go to trial. Absolutely would hire him again for the peace of mind during an extremely stressful situation.”

Legal Genius

Posted by G.
“From the moment I spoke with Scott he calmed my anxieties and brought me to a full understanding of how my case was to proceed. He covered every aspect with detail and was very professional. He was wise and confident through out the case which lead to an outcome of which I couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend him and will continue to use his services.”

Great Job

Posted by Eric
“Did a great job with my divorce. Even with all the craziness from Covid going on and the courts getting backed up, he did a great job of keeping everything moving on schedule.”

Great communication, works hard

Posted by Kelli
“Scott has been so great in handling my divorce. He has been very patient in answering all my questions and takes the time to make sure I understand all my options. Scott has made a very difficult situation much easier. He’s very knowledgeable about the process and court systems. Even with the strain that the pandemic has put on everything, Scott has worked hard to make sure my case is a priority.”

“My Story

Posted by Christopher
“My experience with Scott Levine was great. My case was a long one however was one we fought to the end..and won. I would recommend him as an attorney to anyone. He works hard for his client . He stays on top of the situation. He is fair and caring. I want to take this time and say Thank You Scott.. For all your hard work. This part of my life was over for years. It just had to be closed legally. And he has done that for me. Thank you. From myself and my family.”

“Knowledge and dedication”

Posted by Chris
“I can not say enough great things about the professional services Mr Levine gave me in my time of need. He was on the ball, be it early morning court work to late night court prep. Very prompt. Detailed and exemplary from the starting gate. Felt so confident and assured knowing I had his experience in my corner. If you ever find yourself in need, do yourself a solid and retain this attorney.”

“Great job!!!”

Posted by Carey
“Diligent, hardworking, and dedicated perfectly describes Scott. Great Job . Thanks”

“Amazing attorney!”

Posted by Aaron
“Handled all paperwork, along with always being available to talk and email, completely explained the divorce process and what to expect with the process and money out of pocket. Just a true professional.”

“Highly Recommended”

Posted by Barry
“Mr. Levine is incredibly knowledgeable regarding family law. Throughout a difficult and lengthy divorce process (for reasons out of his control) he was continually dedicated, patient, and supportive, and my confidence in his representation never wavered. I can't recommend Mr. Levine highly enough.”

“Your Search For A Divorce Attorney Stops Here”

Posted by Shelby
“I was truly impressed about how thorough and concise Attorney Levine was during the consultation. He is the one stop shop for all your divorce matters. The highlight of my experience with him was how he took the time to fully understand my story in order to provide tailored and creative strategies for my case. Attorney Levine comes with my strongest recommendations.”

“Most Attentive”

Posted by K.
“Scott Levine is hands down the most attentive custody lawyer I have ever spoken to. He gave me over an hour of his time to discuss the options in my case. He was knowledgeable and had a lot of information to share. It was refreshing to find a family lawyer that really cares about helping clients.”

“Knowledgeable and Thorough”

Posted by Melissa
“Scott was a steady hand when I needed someone to get me through an unexpectedly rough divorce. He was very knowledgeable about the system and the law. He also knew when things were important to push and when I should calm down and let things go, and told me so. I appreciate all his guidance and support and would recommend him to anyone going through a tough time or even if there is a situation that just needs mediated.”

“Thoughtful and thorough consultation”

Posted by Joseph
“Contacted Mr. Levine to get assistance with a child custody agreement. Early on in our phone call it became clear on that i would not be able to retain him as my attorney due to travel restrictions . He still took over an hour of his time to help walk me through all of the potential outcomes of my situation and the process involved in each scenario. A true professional, thank you for your help!”


Posted by Fred
“Very patient and educated. answered all of my questions with no problems. Will be looking forward to working with him as well.”

“Knowledgeable, easily reachable, reliable, simply the right lawyer”

Posted by P.
“Scott knows what he is doing. Knowledgeable, willing to go the extra mile, very reliable. He can explain complex law lingo in layman's terms. It is no fun to go through a divorce, but Scott makes me hope there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is a pleasure to be his client.”

“Thorough and Thoughtful”

Posted by Brian.
“Scott helped guide me through the review of my divorce settlement. He provided great feedback along the way and thoroughly reviewed the document to be sure I was being treated fairly. I really appreciated his attention to detail giving me confidence in my outcome.”

“Best results!”

Posted by Olga.
“I worked with MR. Levine on a complex child support case and I will never regret that. He is a very professional individual, with work ethics and prefers to have things always done right, turns out it’s the best way to have things done when you’re going through a complex hearing. I always received a good advice and the right guidance anytime I asked, he made himself available anytime that was needed, planned well and ahead at every step of the process. Needless to say that WE WON!”

“Want the best?”

Posted by Marvalyn.
“Definitely not money hungry, listens, understands and provides a thorough explanation with words that can be understood. After speaking with different attorneys, I can definitely say Scott is by far the very best, God sent! Do not think twice. This is gonna be the best decision you’ve ever made. He’s very easy to get a hold off. If you leave him a voicemail, you’re getting a call back at least within 24 hours. I know this can be a rough process but Scott has a way of making it very simple and easy. Trust me call him”

“Highly recommend”

Posted by Brian.
“Scott was gracious enough to take time out of his day to answer my phone call and give me his legal advice. Very experienced and knowledgeable attorney!”

“Great lawyer ”

Posted by David
“Hello I obtained private council from Scott L Levine and I give my sincere vouch for him and his counsel he answers phone calls and or returns them in a reasonable timely fashion also he mediated and got my case resolved in weeks notice Mr Scott kept me posted and updated every step of the way with emails stating every detail of his progress if you're looking for a great lawyer that's a willing to go above and beyond to complete his task at hand and prepare for every angle to win ur case you've found the right lawyer I will definitely be reaching out to Mr Scott L Levine for any matter that he handles...... thanks again”

“Very kind”

Posted by A.
“Unlike another lawyer who didn't call me back, Scott answered my phone immediately. He spent time to listen to my concerns and gave me advice. Ultimately, since he does not offer what I was looking for , he recommend another lawyer. While he is somewhat talkative, he is very attentive. I recommend him.”


Posted by D.
“I was fortunate to have Scott Levine for my divorce attorney. He listened and was passionate about my case. He was always ahead of any impending deadlines and always available to answer my questions. Because of his extensive knowledge of the law and his years of experience, he was able to achieve the desired resolution with my case.”

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