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We proudly serve men and women who have family law issues in Allegheny County. We provide legal counsel regarding whether to initiate litigation, how to respond to suits against you, potential settlement of cases and pending litigation.

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Not everyone can afford a lawyer so we offer 10 minutes free to everyone we can. You can take the information provided and need not speak to us again; it is truly no obligation.

Note: due to the large volume of calls and website submissions not everyone will receive a return call, but those who do, receive direct one-on-one assistance from a licensed Pennsylvania Family Law Attorney.

We also do not accept every potential client who wishes to utilize our services, as we maintain a calculated caseload in order to best serve the individual needs of our clients. If you speak to us, it is at no cost and it is with an attorney. No legal assistants handling intake and no payment required prior to the call.

After an initial call you can decide to proceed in a number of ways.

  • You may decide that it is time to retain a lawyer;
  • You may decide you do not want to retain a lawyer;
  • You may decide that it is time to leave an existing lawyer and see what our fresh perspective can offer;
  • You may want to schedule a paid phone meeting or video chat;
  • You may want to be sent a detailed retainer letter to retain our services;
  • You may need assistance at one court hearing handling one specific issue such as:
    • Support Conference/Hearing;
    • Custody Conciliation; or
    • Final PFA Hearing;
  • You may need someone to handle all your family law issues including:
    • Divorce which requires dividing the martial estate;
    • Equitable distribution;
    • Establishing child support;
    • Spousal support;
    • APL;
    • Custody;
    • Exclusive possession, etc.

Regardless of your situation, we would be happy to have that first call with you to see if we may help and if it is a good fit for everyone to move forward and decide to work together on whatever you may need.

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Make Online Payment

DISCLAIMER: Please note that submitting a request to us does not create any attorney-client relationship. All information submitted will be kept strictly confidential, however, before you become a client of the Firm you will need to first complete and return a retainer letter which more fully details the terms of any representation.

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