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Our Pittsburgh family law attorneys draft and review Premarital Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements, Separation Agreements, Property Settlement Agreements and Marital Settlement Agreements for domestic relations matters throughout Pennsylvania. Our attorneys can draft or review a premarital agreement. If you have questions about the benefits of having a premarital agreement in Pennsylvania, we would be happy to speak to you.

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We can prepare a premarital agreement, which is a legal document setting forth contractual obligations or freeing you of them so that in the unfortunate event of a divorce, your respective wishes are met. It can alleviate much financial and emotional stress later down the road. If you have been married and have not had a prenuptial agreement, we can also explain your rights and obligations with regard to divorce, support and distribution of marital property.

(Note: In Pennsylvania, the term for an agreement entered into by prospective spouses before marriage is no longer referred to as a "Pre-Nuptial Agreement" or "pre-nup").

It's always best to have a plan. Often the best-laid plans change.

Don't be driven by fear, just realize the potential. Regardless of your present net worth, there may be a benefit to having a premarital agreement and the protection, which it may provide.

Maybe you own a business, or one party is bringing considerable debt (student loans) into the marriage. Perhaps you stand to receive an inheritance or want to leave your wealth to children from a prior union. You might have significant savings or investment, property, or collections. Rather, you may simply prefer not to have to submit to a process where your financial future and support obligations may be calculated in part using a formula and may be subject to distribution against your wishes.

You can remove these issues by having a document prepared before your marriage. Your future spouse can bring this document to an independent attorney to review to ensure that their rights are protected and that it is fair.

We can speak to you to discuss how to craft your premarital agreement so that it sets forth your wishes in a manner that is most likely to be upheld by a court later down the road. We will review the full and fair disclosure of assets and prepare you for possible challenges to certain wishes.

Contact us if you are planning to get married and want a premarital agreement. We proudly serve clients in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Allegheny County throughout Western Pennsylvania.