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Our Pittsburgh, PA Family Law difference; Chat for free before there’s a fee.

Chat for free before there’s a fee™.

Many years ago, when I started my own firm, I sought not the perceived prestige, but doing right by the people sitting across from me at my conference table.

As time has passed my passion for service and helping others has only grown. I liken it to all the enthusiasm of a new lawyer tempered with the battle tested, hardened experience that’s only gained from the tests of time.

What you get from me:

  • Approaching 20 years of experience.
  • The understanding that there is no substitute for experience
  • Perspective, wisdom, knowledge.
  • A free consultation to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

More options for clients.

  • I offer boutique concierge type services.
  • Small and narrowly tailored Pittsburgh Family Law counsel, focused on client satisfaction.
  • An established brand with cutting-edge systems.
  • Mobile. Agile.
  • Direct lawyer contact without needless overhead for outdated staffing models, translating to lower hourly rates.

I don’t take a lot of clients, but the ones I do accept get impeccable, unmatched attention, commitment and service. The results and reviews speak for themselves. Let’s work together for your best future.  Call today: (412) 303-9566.