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BIG NEWS FOR CUSTODY in PA – Re: Standing for Custody and Grandparent Custody

On April 10, 2018 Senate Bill 844 has passed both the PA House and Senate and will become law once signed by the governor. The changes are in part, in response to the opioid crisis.

This will represent a substantial change to existing Pennsylvania Custody Law in two ways.

First, “Standing” (the ability to file for custody) is impacted.

The new law will amend section 5324 by expanding when an individual may file for Custody if: “The individual has assumed or is willing to assume responsibility for a child, the individual has a sustained, substantial and sincere interest in the welfare of the child; and neither parent has any form of care and control of the child.” Certain exceptions will apply.

Next, the law will amend Section 5325 to allow Grandparents AND Great Grandparents to file for partial physical custody or supervised physical custody in expanded situations.

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